4 main factors to consider when purchasing the right surgical loupes

The 4 main characteristics to consider when buying a surgical loupe are Magnification Level, weight, warranty and repair, and price.

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Today, we’re going to show you how to choose surgical loupes. Don’t buy one until you read this article because this article really gives some good advice. There’s a lot of Surgical Loupes on the market, this article will make your purchase easier.

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To choose a surgical loupe, there are 4 main features to consider.

1.The first thing you want to consider is Magnification Level.

The magnification level affects the image size, the field of view and the depth of field. A higher magnification level presents a larger image but reduces the field of view and depth of field. The right magnification is a benefit to both optional accuracy and precision as it helps the user to see the surgical site clearly. In addition, with the right magnification level, users are allowed to work from an optimal distance, getting rid of uncomfortable postures that result in muscle pain and eye strain.

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2.The second factor is Weight.

As the weight of the surgical loupes will add pressure on the user’s nasal bridge and ears, the long-time wearing of a heavy surgical loupe might make the user uncomfortable. The uncomfortable sense from pressure may distract the attention of users. Thus, lighter loupes are more wearing-friendly.

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3.The next is Warranty and Repair.

New goods are sold with an implied warranty that the goods are as advertised. So, checking the details and functions of the surgical loupes is of great importance once you receive the products. If anything goes wrong, tell the supplier and ask for the solution. Besides, daily use might spoil the surgical loupes. In this case, suppliers offer different repair services, hence, you need to make it clear when purchasing.


4.At last, the Price.

The price of surgical loupes varies greatly. High price is not a guarantee of the quality of surgical loupes. Hence, just do some research to make an economical choice.

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Okay. Let’s review the 4 main features to consider when purchasing surgical loupes.

  • Magnification Level
  • Weight
  • Warranty and Repair
  • Price

If you want to know more about the surgical loupes, don’t hesitate to consult Chamfond Group.


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