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Chamfond Group is Devoted To Healthcare Field

The headquarters of Chamfond Group is in Nanjing, China. It has developed various biotechnology high-tech subsidiaries focused on biopharmaceutical R&D and production, medical device R&D and production, as well as promotion and distribution. Chamfond Group’s quality-oriented products have gained recognition and praise in Europe, America, and the Asia Pacific region, where they have been successfully sold.

Invention patents
Utility model patents

R&D and production of innovative medical devices and disposable sterile consumables.

Chamfond Biotech is committed to the R&D of innovative medical devices in the field of microsurgery, minimally invasive surgery, burn plastic surgery, chronic wound repair, oral and maxillofacial, pelvic floor repair. Our goal is to become a global leader in the medical professional segmentation field, to provide the doctors with the best surgical instruments.

Mission & Vision

Chamfond Group will expand its business scope through experience and collaboration. By understanding partners’ and doctors’ needs, Chamfond will develop products to support daily work and advance the medical technology industry.
Chamfond Group aims to establish a global overseas sales system and become a trusted partner for customers worldwide. Our goal is to provide comprehensive services and solutions to patients and medical professionals globally.

Intellectual Property

Chamfond Group places great importance on the accumulation of independent intellectual property rights. To date, the company has authorized 12 invention patents and 43 utility model patents, most of which have passed PCT. The company has also achieved ISO 13485 certification, and most of products have obtained CE certification.

Research And Development

Chamfond Group aims to be a global leader in the medical professional segmentation field. Our core belief is to learn from the future and work as a team, focusing on the needs of the industry to define innovative product designs. We prioritize research and development investment with a strong emphasis on quality. While maintaining independent R&D efforts, Chamfond also actively seeks technical collaborations with foreign companies to ensure their products remain internationally advanced and timely.

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