Aspiration bone biopsy needle

Our Disposable Manual Aspiration Bone Biopsy Needle features a specialized steel needle tip for minimally invasive punctures, ensuring precision and accuracy. The inner needle immobilization design enhances puncture efficiency. Adjusting the needle length in a single step guarantees puncture safety. With a variety of specifications, it suits various body types. The multihole design on the needle end allows for comprehensive three-dimensional bone marrow extraction. The double needle tip configuration enables convenient extraction from multiple points. Elevate your bone biopsy procedures with our Disposable Manual Aspiration Bone Biopsy Needle, delivering reliability, efficiency, and precise results.



● Oblique blade tip for minimally invasive puncture
● The internal Locking System ensures the efficiency of puncture
● Adjustable needle length ensures the safety of puncture
● With a variety of specifications, suitable for various body types

① Needle bar handle component
② Needle tubing handle component
③ Depth locator
④ Sheath

Ergonomic Handle : The styling is inspired by chess, with sleek transitions and warm color matching, highlighting medical care.

Anti-turning handle / Patent design CN209695247U

Designed for the beveled blade puncture needle, the position and direction of the inner needle can be locked by the handle to avoid the deflection of the inner needle during the puncture process, resulting in inconsistency between the bevel of the inner needle and the outer needle tube, which affects the puncture effect and even breaks the needle. This design reduces the burden on the doctor’s hands while ensuring the puncture effect. When unlocking, just tap the unlock button and rotate it counterclockwise in the direction of the arrow to open it. The operation is simple.


Ergonomic handle/perfect grip/design evolution

The contour of the handle is rounded and fully fits the palm of the hand. When holding with one hand, the needle body extends between the index finger and the middle finger. When the needle body is reciprocated left and right, the axis of the needle body can be relatively consistent with the handle, and the swing amplitude can be reduced. While improving the puncture efficiency, the puncture trauma is reduced and the patient’s pain is reduced.

Excellent smoothness of the surface

The needle body has special surface treatment to ensure the smoothness of the surface and reduce puncture resistance. The comparative measurement shows that the surface roughness of the self-made needle body is much higher than the requirement of Ra 0.2-0.6 for conventional products.

Excellent rigidity performance

The smaller the value, the better the performance. The comparison shows that the rigidity of the Chamfond needles of various specifications is significantly higher than the relevant standards, and not weaker than the foreign brand products, which fully meets the clinical needs.

High hardness needle body

In the normal state, the hardness of the stainless steel surface body can be divided into: soft state (>150 HV), semi-soft state (>200HV), hard state (>310HV), fully hard state (>370HV).
Higher needle body hardness, better deformation resistance, better wear resistance, and better overall strength.

Technical Specification

Classification Model Nominal tube diameter Minimum length (mm) Nominal length (mm) Maximum length (mm)
BN-MAB- 1/CF 1503 15G 10 30 50
1504 20 40 60
1506 40 60 80
1603 16G 10 30 50
1604 20 40 60
1606 40 60 80
1803 18G 10 30 50
1804 20 40 60
1806 40 60 80
Classification Model Nominal tube diameter Nominal length
BN-MAB- 2/CF 1305 13G 50
1307 70
1310 100
1315 150
1105 11G 50
1107 70
1110 100
1115 150

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