Bone marrow biopsy needle sampling process 


After appropriately preparing the biopsy site, introduce the bone marrow needle perpendicular to the surface of the bone, holding the needle firmly in the palm of your hand. Using gentle, but firm pressure, advance the needle tip through the periosteum, into the cortex, by rotating in an alternating clockwise-counterclockwise motion. Remove the stylet from the […]

10 Features to Consider When Purchasing Surgical Eye Loupes for Your Operating Room

Surgical eye loupes

Surgical eye loupes – small magnifying glasses that fit inside the lens of an eyeglass – can bring great benefits to your surgical team, especially during complex or lengthy procedures that require accurate attention to detail. If selected and calibrated correctly, surgical magnifiers can be an important extension to the surgical team without causing distraction or […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Choose Dental Loupes

Dental loupes

Dental loupes offer their users the benefits of increased strength, precision, speed of treatment, and more. That’s why these are the most useful tools in the dental profession.

Few Things to Consider While Buying Surgical Loupes

Few Things to Consider While Buying Surgical Loupes

There is a need for surgical loupes for certain cases as they can magnify and enhance the field for precision and accuracy during the surgery. All these telescopes can uniformly be used in oculoplastic procedures. In most of the strabismus cases and a few retinal cases, these surgical loupes are helpful for everything right from a very […]

The Popularization of Ring Retractor

Retractors, also known as ring retractors, are used to retract tissues during surgery, expose surgical field of vision, and facilitate exploration and operation.Each department has its own special surgical hook/retractor. Advantages of traditional retractors: 1)The price is cheap;2)Reusable;3)Patients do not need to pay extra; But their shortcomings are inevitable: 1)The conventional hook is inconvenient to use, […]