The Popularization of Ring Retractor

Retractors, also known as ring retractors, are used to retract tissues during surgery, expose surgical field of vision, and facilitate exploration and operation.Each department has its own special surgical hook/retractor. Advantages of traditional retractors: 1)The price is cheap;2)Reusable;3)Patients do not need to pay extra; But their shortcomings are inevitable: 1)The conventional hook is inconvenient to use, […]


surgical loupe

This article mainly introduces how to care for your loupes, including but not limited to reasons, steps, contraindications, etc.

Medical Fair Asia & RCOST

As a developer, manufacturer and distributor of widely used medical devices, Chamfond Biotech presented Binocular Loupes, Headlights, Retractors & Hooks, which are all excellent helpers in surgical procedures for surgeons. Chamfond Biotech was visited by a lots of medical devices distributors and also some hospitals from all over the world and most of them showed […]

Let’s Work Together To Fight The COVID-19

Since December 2019, the COVID-19 epidemic has raged in Wuhan and spread to the whole country. The situation of epidemic prevention and control in all over the country is extremely severe. The outbreak of COVID-19 affects every entrepreneur. As a high-tech industrial company integrating science, industry and trade, Chamfond has actively responded to national calls […]

Arab Health & AEEDC 2020

Chamfond attended two great international healthcare exhibitions: Arab Health and AEEDC in the beginning of 2020. The 45th edition of Arab Health took place from 27-30 January 2020 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE. The MENA region’s largest healthcare event welcomed more than 57,000 healthcare & trade professionals from 170 countries across the […]

Double Lung Transplant Surgery Performed with Chamfond Loupes

Chamfond Loupes Were Successfully Used in a Double Lung Transplant Surgery. “Chamfond loupes are light-weighted and with clear vision. It was really helpful in the operation.”By Dr. Chen Jing-Yu, vice president of Wuxi People’s Hospital. The double lung transplant surgery finally had been completed.The receiver had been in danger of pulmonary fibrosis caused by GVHD […]