Chamfond Biotech Leaves a Mark at FIME 2023 in Miami, Florida

FIME 2023, the renowned Florida International Medical Expo, held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, witnessed Chamfond Biotech’s remarkable presence and innovative products. The exhibition, which took place from 2023 June 21st to 23th, has established itself as the largest trade fair in Florida and the platform to track the latest medical trends and scientific advancements.

FIME 2023

Chamfond Biotech showcased its cutting-edge medical devices, including the highly anticipated SeeClear® Binocular Loupes and Medical Headlight, Favitor® Disposable Surgical Retractor, and Disposable Bone Marrow Aspiration Biopsy Needle.  These state-of-the-art offerings exemplified Chamfond Biotech’s commitment to advanced research, development, and groundbreaking technology.

retractor ring exhibition FIME

The booth drew significant attention, with numerous attendees expressing great interest in the SeeClear® Binocular Loupes and Medical Headlight. The SeeClear® Binocular Loupes, featuring a 6-layer antireflection coating, boasted a transmittance rate exceeding 99.5%. Its lightweight design and adjustable 0-45 degree overlooking angle provided optimal comfort and minimized strain on the user’s neck. The customizable interpupillary distance adjustment (45mm-65mm) catered to the individual needs of every user. The Flip-Up option came in glasses, sports, and headband types, with magnification options ranging from 2.5× to 3.5×. Additionally, the TTL (Through-The-Lens) model offered magnifications of 2.5× and 3.0×.

medical loupes exhibition

Following the success of the SeeClear® Binocular Loupes, the SeeClear® Medical Headlight also received high praise during the exhibition. As a vital surgical lighting tool, the SeeClear® Medical Headlight provided a color temperature of 5700K, closely resembling natural sunlight at noon. With a color rendering index of 92+ and illumination reaching up to 10,000 lux, the SeeClear® Medical Headlight proved to be a reliable aid in surgical procedures.

head band medical loupe exhibition

The Favitor® Disposable Surgical Retractor attracted significant attention from visitors who expressed their curiosity and inquired about its features.      These retractors and hooks offered versatility for various surgical operations, allowing for flexible combinations of different hooks and retractor rings. The Favitor® Disposable Surgical Retractor’s advantages included easy deployment for precise exposure of the surgical field, reduced space occupation, decreased assistant labor, and eliminated cross-infection risks due to its one-time use design.

FIME 2023 9

As one of Chamfond’s star products, the Chamfond® Disposable Bone Marrow Aspiration Biopsy Needle was also showcased at FIME 2023.      Featuring a built-in disconnector, an ergonomic and anti-rolling handle, and a stainless steel high-strength needle tube, this biopsy needle offered five different models with varying sizes to cater to diverse populations and biopsy requirements.

The Chamfond Biotech booth experienced a steady flow of visitors seeking consultations. The dedicated staff members presented the product advantages and conducted on-site demonstrations, providing detailed solutions and case studies to address customer concerns. Furthermore, the team highlighted Chamfond Biotech’s comprehensive after-sales service system, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction.

optical loupes exihibition FIME

Looking ahead, Chamfond Biotech aims to contribute to the advancement of human health with more high-quality and innovative products. The success at FIME 2023 further solidifies their position as a leading player in the medical technology industry.


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