Disposable Retractor System


Disposable Retractor System

Chamfond retractor and elastic stays are very helpful for our colorectal surgeries. The wide exposed surgery area makes the surgery much efficient.

Chamfond Group is Devoted To Healthcare Field

The headquarter of Chamfond Group is located in Nanjing, China.

After years of development, Chamfond Group has assembled a number of biotechnology high-tech subsidiary companies in the R&D and production of biopharmaceuticals, medical device R&D and production, promotion and distribution, and established a professional service platform covering the field of life and health.

Chamfond Group’s products are quality-oriented and have been successfully sold to many countries and regions in Europe, America and Asia Pacific, and have been highly recognized and praised by the market.

Chamfond Group will continue to uphold the belief of “learning from the future, acting as a team“, continue to explore and develop innovative products, and keep contributing to the health of all mankind.

Invention Patents
Utility Model Patents

Your Most Trustworthy Partner

With our continuous exploration and research and our passion for medical career, we provide reliable solution for patients and medical professionals.

We continue to explore and innovate our products through cooperation with strategic partners and medical professionals. Through joint development with medical professionals from different countries such as China, Switzerland and Germany, we can timely understand the needs of relevant market segments in medical field and proactively provide precise solutions for them.

We insist on maintaining the best quality of our products.

We believe that we are your most trustworthy partner!

Mission & Vision

With accumulation of experience, Chamfond Group will constantly expand business scope. By contacting different partners and doctors to understand their needs, Chamfond will develop more products that help customers’ daily work and promote the development of the medical technology industry.

Chamfond Group strives to establish an overseas sales system covering the global market in the next few years, becoming the most trusted partner of customers, and providing a full range of services and solutions for patients and medical professionals worldwide.

Intellectual Property

Chamfond Group attaches great importance to the accumulation of independent intellectual property rights. Up to now, the company has authorized 12 invention patents and 43 utility model patents, most of which have passed PCT.

Meanwhile, Chamfond Group strives to become a model enterprise of Jiangsu provincial-level intellectual property protection system, and the first high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu province that integrates a four-in-one system of national medical device manufacturers, GMP management standards, ISO13485, CE and intellectual property protection systems.


Research And Development

Chamfond Group is committed to become a global leader in the medical professional segmentation field. “Learning from the future, acting as a team” is Chamfond’s unswerving belief, that is, always focusing on the medical professional segmentation market and defining the creative design of related products by the future needs of the industry. “R&D-oriented, quality-oriented”, Chamfond attaches great importance to the investment in research and development. While insisting on independent research and development, Chamfond is also actively developing technical cooperation with foreign companies in related field, to ensure the international advancement and timeliness of Chamfond’s products.


Most frequent questions and answers

Cardiovascular surgery, Dentistry, Plastic Surgery, Neuro surgery, Transplant surgery, Pediatric surgery, Implant/spine surgery, etc.

2.5X and 3.0X are used in most of surgeries such as Dentistry, Plastic Surgery, Transplant surgery, Pediatric surgery, and recommended for dental students or those who do not have experience in using loupes before.
3.5X will be used in Cardiovascular surgery, Neuro surgery, Pediatric surgery, and recommended for seniors or those who have experience in using 2.5X or 3.0X loupes.

The working distance refers to the distance between your eyes and the surgical field or the patient’s mouth.

Recommended working distance for your height

Height (cm)

Sitting Position (mm)

Standing posture (mm)










Recommended working distance for different surgeries





● Chamfond binocular loupes with Titanium frame
Surgeons will need to provide their vision test results. Chamfond will make Titanium frame with the correct prescription glasses accordingly. This kind of loupes are much light-weighted.
● Chamfond binocular loupes with headband
Chamfond binocular loupes with headband are very suitable for surgeons when wearing their own prescription glasses. And this kind of loupes can be shared among surgeons

● Working Distance
● Pupillary Distance
Chamfond will provide measurement tools for surgeons.

1.2 W headlights are light-weighted and portable. It is used for dentistry.
3W headlights with high intensity are portable too. It is used for long time surgeries.

We welcome you to work together with Chamfond for the medical and health cause of mankind 

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