Elastic Hooks

Simply position the retractor ring around the surgical site and insert the hooks into the tissue, adjusting the tension as needed. The retractor ring ensures equal force distribution for optimal results. Complete the procedure by suturing the tissue while maintaining consistent tension with the hooks. Enjoy the simplicity and effectiveness of these elastic hooks, making the surgical process smoother.


Drop-shaped Chain Design

● Withstand greater pulling force
● 20% more than the normal type
● Avoid sliding, maintain tissue retraction stability

Various models for different applications

Technical Specification

Hook Type Elastic Strip Model Packaging Surgical Site Application
5mm single sharp hook Normal C21-8 8/blister pack Adult Anus & Vagina Anorectal Surgery, Colorectal,Gynecology,Urology Surgery
C21-1 1/blisterpack, 50packs/box
Drop shaped C31-8 8/blister pack
C31-1 1/blisterpack,50packs/box
12mm single blunt hook Normal C22-8 8/blister pack Pediatric Anus & Vagqina Pediatric Surgery
C22-1 1/blisterpack,50packs/box
Drop shaped C32-8 8/blister pack
C32-1 1/blisterpack,50packs/box
7mm 2-finger sharp hook Normal C23-4 4/blister pack Adult Head & Neck General Surgery,Head and Neck Surgery,General Surface Surgery
Drop shaped C33-4 4/blister pack
12mm 2-finger blunt hook Normal C24-4 4/blister pack Pediatrics Head & Neck Pediatric Surgery
Drop shaped C34-4 4/blister pack

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