Let’s Work Together To Fight The COVID-19

Since December 2019, the COVID-19 epidemic has raged in Wuhan and spread to the whole country. The situation of epidemic prevention and control in all over the country is extremely severe.

The outbreak of COVID-19 affects every entrepreneur. As a high-tech industrial company integrating science, industry and trade, Chamfond has actively responded to national calls since the severe situation of the epidemic spreading, and donated various medical protective materials to the front line of the epidemic, showing social responsibility.

Facing the shortage of medical supplies, Chamfond fully assisted the government and medical institutions to find channels for anti-epidemic supplies, set up temporary medical supplies procurement groups, and purchased anti-epidemic supplies all over the world to ship back to China. Chamfond brand medical goggles, face shields and shoe covers were put into production urgently, and donated in batches to the front line of anti-epidemic, showing our social responsibility.

The leader of Chamfond said: “When the whole nation fight against the epidemic, we have the responsibility and obligation to fight the epidemic with everyone. To help and support prevention and control of the epidemic is our responsibility. We will fight side by side to win this battle against COVID-19.

The moment of crisis can show people’s sense of responsibility. Everybody work together can build a strong wall. All employees of Chamfond worked together to fight the current difficulties, demonstrating their responsibilities with practical actions.

All the medical materials with love.

All the loving supportive events.

To fight the epidemic, you and me, together!


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