Safe Goggles

Chamfond protective goggles can protect the eyes from the danger of mechanical collision caused by small particles as it is tested for increased robustness. DIN CERTO Notified body number 0196 confirms that the prototype complies with essential health and safety requirements according to the Annex II of Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on personal protective equipment.



● Adjustable elastic headband, adjust according to individual needs
● Polycarbonate lens, high impact resistance
● Soft vinyl frame, soft and easy to bend
● Comfortable nose clip, can be worn simultaneously with myopia
● Multiple protection, suitable for multiple environments.


The advantages of Chamfond Safe Goggles


High transmittance of lens

HD enhanced translucent lens design to maintain the clarity of vision in complex environments.


Strong impact resistance

The polycarbonate lens can resist the impact of high-speed particles at 45 m/s.
It can effectively prevent iron filings, gray sand, gravel and other objects from splashing and causing eye injuries.


Lightweight and more comfortable material

Designed for Asian faces, can be worn with myopia glasses at the same time.


Ergonomic fit design

The bridge of the nose reduces the burden, and it is more comfortable to wear and not easy to slip off.
Adjustable strap design, fits various face shapes.




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