Sports Frame for Surgical Loupes

Sports Frame for Surgical Loupes.

● High density | Quickly flip up
● Multi-environment applicable | The bracket is not easy to deform
● Large field of view | Field of view up to 12cm
● High definition, multiple magnification | Magnification up to 3.5x
● Easy to disassemble and install
● Easy to disinfect, anti-slip | Silicone frame
● Personalized
● Large depth of field
● Clearer and more durable | Lens protective coating



Model no. Magnification Field of View Depth of Field Working distance Mounting options
CLM2.5X-420 2.5X 11cm / 4.3” 17cm / 6.7” 30-47cm / 11.8”-18.5” Titanium, sports, headband
CLM2.5X-520 2.5X 12cm / 4.7” 15cm / 5.9” 40-55cm / 15.7”-21.7” Titanium, sports, headband
CLM3.0X-420 3.0X 9cm /3.5” 12cm / 4.7” 35-47cm / 13.8”-18.5” Titanium, sports, headband
CLM3.5X-420 3.5X 7cm / 2.7” 10cm / 3.9” 36-46cm / 14”-18” sports, headband




Benefits of using a magnifying glass



Excellent optical parameters


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