TTL Customized Loupes

● High-quality lenses become stable carriers for loupes
● Private custom meets individual needs
● More flexible and lighter to wear
● Multi-coated, anti-reflective lenses and glasses make visual effect better
● Larger field of view
● Titanium frame is firm and stable, without losing focus
● Complete vision correction
● Enlarged silicone nose pads, more comfortable to wear for a long time



Model No. Magnification Working distance Field of View Working distance range
TTL2.5X-340JE 2.5X 340mm ≥105mm 250-410mm
TTL2.5X-420JE 2.5X 420mm ≥120mm 300-480mm
TTL2.5X-460JE 2.5X 460mm ≥140mm 340-520mm
TTL2.5X-500JE 2.5X 500mm ≥150mm 380-550mm





Polarization optical parameters


Humanized product design

Provides a bird’s-eye view angle, weighs only 38 grams, protects the cervical spine and reduces intraoperative cervical spine pressure.


Personal customization is provided. Myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism can be corrected without adjusting the interpupillary distance.


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