Self-retaining Retractors

Simply position the retractor ring around the surgical site and place the hooks into the tissue, adjusting the tension as desired. The retractor ring evenly distributes the forces for optimal retraction. Maintain consistent tension by suturing the tissue while the retractor stays in place. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of this self-retaining solution, simplifying the surgical procedure.

Space Optimization

Reduces space occupation and frees up more surgical space for surgeons.

Disposable Plastic Ring Retractors

Position-limited Structural Design

● Prevent the hook from slipping
● Provides reliable and stable surgical site retraction

selt retaining retractor ring

Hierarchical Exposure

Adjust or increase the retractor points orderly during surgery, expose the surgical site in layers.


360-degree adjustment of placement site, all-round exposure of the surgical field.


Precise visualization of the entire operation.

Disposable Ring Retractor

Hands Free

Adaptive retraction system reduces assistant support

Wide Application

Applicable to any surgical site, any anatomical position can be effectively retracted

Technical Specification

C11 Colorectal, General Surgery, Head and Neck Surgery
C12 Gynecological Surgery
C13 Head and Neck, General Surface Surgery
C14 Head and Neck, Pediatric Surgery
C15 Gynecology, Head and Neck Surgery
C16 Gynecology, Urology Surgery
C17 Gynecological Surgery (Pelvic Stenosis/Obesity)
C18 Gynecology, Male Urology Surgery

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