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Better serving customers is one of Chamfond’s core values. At Chamfond, we believe that only by providing customers with safe and reliable medical equipment can we bring better medical care to everyone. As a medical device supplier that continues to grow and breaks the boundaries of innovation, Chamfond provides comprehensive service solutions that meet the needs and expectations of different customers, as well as a proactive and professional service team to maximize product value.
We take care of your products to help you better take care of patients.

One-stop Solution

More professional sales consulting

Chamfond Biotech has an experienced overseas sales team with a rich understanding of product technical data and functions. We are familiar with manufacturing and related technical standards, as well as document registration in various markets. In addition, we provide multi-language service for your request, including English, Spanish and Russian.
Cooperating with our after-sales service engineers, we will ensure to provide quick response and required maintenance timely in the case of any problems.

More comprehensive service guarantee

We promise to guarantee product quality and be responsible for free recall and replacement of defective products.

We promise that our products meet the industry standards of your country.

We guarantee the integrity and practicability of the technical architecture and software and hardware equipment to ensure the normal use of products.

We appoint experienced technical professionals to accept and solve your various use problems.

Quick response within 12 hours; free replacement of the loupe for 1 year and free maintenance for 2 years; 2 years warranty for the headlight part and 1 year for other accessories.

You will receive our complete user manual firstly, and you can also obtain relevant technical information by phone or email of Chamfond.

All-round Training Plan

Chamfond Biotech provides customers, distributors and service partners with different levels of training, including marketing, operation, application and troubleshooting. We have many types of courses: web-based, on-site or internal, scheduled and on-demand.

Better Serving Customers

Our End Customers

Our customer training focuses on helping you operate your equipment better. We will explain the basic technical knowledge related to our equipment so that you can better operate and maintain your products and create the best experience for your patients. In response to customer needs, we also provide value-added services such as equipment management and quality control to help hospitals improve efficiency and sustainable development.

Our Distributors

We believe in the power of partners and try to provide our distributors with the best support. Your technical team can gain more professional knowledge by attending in our technical courses and practical training, which cover the mastery of installation, maintenance, repair and other skills related to our products.

Localized Training Service

Chamfond is also working hard to make face-to-face training closer to you. We want to ensure that you can get high-quality training faster at a lower cost. In the future, Chamfond will establish multiple training centers around the world. In these centers, you can find several localization experts, staff with different professional expertise, and the latest demonstration equipment. Our professional and standardized product training also provides multiple language options to meet different needs.

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