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Surgical Loupes

Modern medical practice requires high precision containing in a clear and relax mental and physical context. Long hour surgery operation puts enormous volume of stress on medical practitioners, particularly, sights.
A clear and open surgical view is vital to a successful surgery operation. Optical system solution strive to achieve best surgical views by providing non-distorted magnified wide views at the right angle and at a comfortable working distance, to assist medical practitioners to provide best possible quality of care and treatment to their patients.
For each of the SeeClear® loupes handed to your hand, our laboratory has carried out strict quality control, such as, optical calibration, optical grinding and etc., in order to ensure excellent performance.

Medical Headlight

According to industry data, Typical surgical lighting setting is reset and readjusted every 7 minutes on average depending on the surgical areas and level of difficulties. It's often to experience that poor surgical lighting setting causes unnecessary interruption to the surgery operation, hence, increasing surgical risk.
Medical headlights are equipped with our latest edge-cutting LED technology to provide a bright, concentrated and stable light source within your visual range. It is designed to position coaxially to your loupes and your line of sight, to prevent the shaping of shadows on surgical areas. It comes with independent long-life battery and adjustable brightness setting, ensuring long-hours usage and greater flexibility while in use. Set you free, more flexibility.

Disposable Retractor System

About Chamfond

Our employees, customers and partners are very important to us. We are a professional surgical visual support system designer and manufacturer based in Nanjing, China. We combined our decades of research and development findings and technical expertise into exceptional visual experiences. We truly embrace the spirit of "intelligence made in China". This is our day-to-day commitment to our customers, Day after day, We strive for perfection.

Ergonomic Vision Solution+

Medical practice requires significant level of focus to ensure good quality of care to patients. A clear view on surgery area is essential for a successful surgery operation. Long-hours maintenance of fixed posture and mental state are challenging to most if not all medical practitioners during a surgery operation or treatment.
Each and all of our products are developed to provide a solution for our medical practitioners to handle these challenges. With our solution, We strive to assist medical practitioners to have clear and precise view during surgical operation, while at their best ergonomic posture. We believe, SeeClear^SVSS is the right companion for medical practitioners looking for perfection in work and life. We will take care of you while you are taking care of your patients.

Your Most Trustworthy Partner

With our continuous exploration and research and our passion for medical career, we provide reliable solution for patients and medical professionals.
We continue to explore and innovate our products through cooperation with strategic partners and medical professionals. Through joint development with medical professionals from different countries such as China, Switzerland and Germany, we can timely understand the needs of relevant market segments in medical field and proactively provide precise solutions for them.
We insist on maintaining the best quality of our products.
We believe that we are your most trustworthy partner!

Make Your Retraction Simple

"Chamfond retractor and elastic stays are very helpful for our colorectal surgeries. The wide exposed surgery area makes the surgery much efficient."

Dr. Munikrishnan Colorectal Surgeon


Most frequent questions and answers

Cardiovascular surgery, Dentistry, Plastic Surgery, Neuro surgery, Transplant surgery, Pediatric surgery, Implant/spine surgery, etc.

2.5X and 3.0X are used in most of surgeries such as Dentistry, Plastic Surgery, Transplant surgery, Pediatric surgery, and recommended for dental students or those who do not have experience in using loupes before.
3.5X will be used in Cardiovascular surgery, Neuro surgery, Pediatric surgery, and recommended for seniors or those who have experience in using 2.5X or 3.0X loupes.

The working distance refers to the distance between your eyes and the surgical field or the patient’s mouth.

Recommended working distance for your height

Height (cm)

Sitting Position (mm)

Standing posture (mm)










Recommended working distance for different surgeries





● Chamfond binocular loupes with Titanium frame
Surgeons will need to provide their vision test results. Chamfond will make Titanium frame with the correct prescription glasses accordingly. This kind of loupes are much light-weighted.
● Chamfond binocular loupes with headband
Chamfond binocular loupes with headband are very suitable for surgeons when wearing their own prescription glasses. And this kind of loupes can be shared among surgeons

● Working Distance
● Pupillary Distance
Chamfond will provide measurement tools for surgeons.

1.2 W headlights are light-weighted and portable. It is used for dentistry.
3W headlights with high intensity are portable too. It is used for long time surgeries.

We welcome you to work together with Chamfond for the medical and health cause of mankind 

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