The popularization of bone marrow biopsy needle

Bone marrow aspiration is a cytological examination of a small amount of bone marrow fluid (0.1-0.2ml) taken by a puncture needle.

Bone marrow aspiration is a cytological examination of a small amount of bone marrow fluid (0.1-0.2ml) taken by a puncture needle. The needle can be used to collect bone marrow for bone marrow transplantation. Bone marrow biopsy is a small piece of bone marrow tissue obtained by biopsy needle for pathological examination.

Indication for bone marrow biopsy

  1. Aplastic anemia
  2. Myelodysplastic syndrome
  3. Primary myelofibrosis
  4. Polycythemia vera
  5. Primary thrombocytopenia
  6. Multiple myeloma
  7. Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
  8. Hair cell leukemia
  9. Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
  10. Systemic mastocytosis
  11. Primary light chain amyloidosis

Chamfond bone marrow puncture biopsy needle advantages

  • Five models, complete specifications

Including two types of puncture needles and three types of biopsy needles, a total of 58 specifications of different thicknesses and lengths.


  • Ergonomic handle/patented design

Can fully fit the palm, the needle extension direction is natural, easy to reciprocate rotation operation when holding with one hand.

Ergonomic handle

  • Anti-heel turn handle structure/patented design

For single-side edge puncture needle, it can effectively prevent the deflection of inner needle in puncture process, ensure the puncture effect of edge surface, and at the same time, the operation is simple.

Anti-heel turn handle structure

  • Specular surface

Compared with other competing products, the surface of the needle tube of Chamfond product is more smooth and smooth, which can significantly reduce puncture resistance.

Specular surface

  • High rigidity needle tube

Compared with many imported products, the rigidity performance of Changfeng products is better or even, improving the stability of puncture process.

Gallini、Vigeo,etc. 310HV~370HV

Chamfond, 370HV~400HV

High rigidity needle tube

  • All hard stainless steel needle tube

The surface hardness of needle body can reach 400HV, higher wear resistance and strength of needle body.

All hard stainless steel needle tube 1
All hard stainless steel needle tube 2


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