The Popularization of Ring Retractor

Retractors, also known as ring retractors, are used to retract tissues during surgery, expose surgical field of vision, and facilitate exploration and operation.
Each department has its own special surgical hook/retractor.

Advantages of traditional retractors:

1)The price is cheap;
3)Patients do not need to pay extra;

But their shortcomings are inevitable:

1)The conventional hook is inconvenient to use, laborious and unstable organization pulling state. Improper retractor operation can cause local tissue damage or even necrosis, which affects the healing quality of surgical incision.
2)The exposure of the surgical field is not perfect, especially for small and deep incisions/the tissue levels of the surgical area are not clearly exposed;
3)Every 1-2 hooks need to add a surgical assistant to increase the department’s human cost; Multiple hooks affect the operation and operation quality;
4)Repeated use increases the risk of iatrogenic cross infection.

The newly developed single-use adaptive retractor system of Chamfond has unique design, simple and strong operability. It can maintain the retractor state independently, release the operator, save the operation time, and can be placed to the surgical position quickly, safely and accurately. It has great advantages in the speed and precision of opening the surgical pathway.

Technological breakthrough — two patented designs

Water drop chain design, withstand more tension, adapt to more surgical pull

Limit structure design

Applicable surgical sharing

Treatment of rectal/hemorrhoid prolapse


Other surgical application scenarios…


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