Traditional Surgical Loupes vs. Ergonomic Surgical Loupes

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As a surgeon, or a dentist, do you often feel neck and back discomfort due to poor posture? This is not a unique phenomenon. Looking at the working postures of surgeons and dentists, they often contort themselves when using surgical loupes. The body looks at a patient’s health status, resulting in chronic pain that forces some to reduce their working hours, retire early or undergo surgery.

This article will show you the comparison between traditional surgical loupes and ergonomic surgical loupes, and provide you with ergonomic surgical loupes.

Traditional Surgical Loupes


Traditional surgical loupes are designed to focus more on basic magnification functions, allowing clinicians to see more details. It is heavier, wearing it for a long time may cause neck and back fatigue, and the narrower field of view requires doctors to move their heads to observe different areas, causing head discomfort.

The cost of traditional surgical loupes is relatively low and is the initial choice of many medical institutions. However, it has been overlooked that clinicians use incorrect postures for a long time, resulting in neck and other health problems.

Ergonomic Surgical Loupes

Innovative ergonomic surgical loupe allows clinicians to maintain a natural head position and forward eye direction while viewing the surgical site. This ergonomic surgical loupe reduces physician muscle tension. , promoting a more comfortable job and a longer career.

Chamfond SeeClear® Ergonomic Surgical Loupe provides unparalleled clarity and precision. It is unique in its lightweight design, only 16g allows you to reduce cervical spine pressure. Made of aviation materials, with wide peripheral vision, and deeper working distance, The field of view within the working range will not become blurred as the distance changes. Provides a 0-45 degree overhead viewing angle to reduce pressure on the cervical spine during surgery and protect the cervical spine.

Deeper Working Distance

Compared with traditional surgical loupes, Chamfond surgical loupes have a working distance of 420 mm to 520 mm, which can elevate the chin and improve neck posture. The larger field of view facilitates clearer inspection and accurately guides instruments into the body cavity.

Chamfond's SeeClear

Chamfond not only provides you with head-mounted flip-up surgical loupes, too-frame surgical loupes, and movable frame surgical loupes, but also provides you with TTL customized loupes, which are precisely customized according to personal interpupillary distance, myopia, astigmatism, etc.

Chamfond is concerned not only with the health of our patients, but also with the health of each surgeon, and we want you to provide the best care for your patients without sacrificing your own health.

Ergonomic Surgical Loupes Offered by Chamfond


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