TTL Customized

The high-quality lenses provide stable support, ensuring precise vision. Enjoy the benefits of private customization, meeting your individual needs perfectly. The loupes are more flexible and lightweight, enhancing comfort during extended wear. Benefit from multi-coated, anti-reflective lenses and glasses, providing superior visual clarity. Expand your field of view for improved visibility. The titanium frame offers durability and stability without compromising focus. Enhanced comfort with enlarged silicone nose pads for long-term wear.

Personalized Customized

● Personal interpupillary distance customization

● Personal myopia & astigmatism, precise customization of astigmatism axis

Personalized Customized


Extremely Lightweight

Whole loupes weighs only 45g
Reduce cervical spine pressure Made by aviation material

Deeper Working Distance

Deeper Working Distance

The large depth of field gives the surgeon a deeper working distance, and the field of vision within the working range will not be blurred with the change of distance.

Weider Surgical Field

Weider Surgical Field

The surgeon’s vision is larger and the overall effect is more comprehensive

Exclusive Lettering

● Engrave personal text
● Highlight high-end

Super Clear Vision

Optical Parameters

● High definition
● High color fidelity
● Low distortion rate
● Bright and large field of view
● Gem grade optical glass lens
● 6-layer antireflection coating


Clinical Exams Ophthalmology
General Dentistry Urology
Plastic Surgery Spine Surgery
Dermatology Veterinary
Neurosurgery OB/GYN
ENT Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Technical Specification

Model  No. Magnification Working Distance Field of View Working Distance Range
TTL2.5X-340JE 2.5X 340mm ≥105mm 250-410mm
TTL2.5X-420JE 2.5X 420mm ≥120mm 300-480mm
TTL2.5X-460JE 2.5X 460mm ≥140mm 340-520mm
TTL2.5X-500JE 2.5X 500mm ≥150mm 380-550mm


The customization process typically involves the following stages:

1. Initial consultation and requirement gathering: Time will depend on the complexity of the customization.

2. Design confirmation: After receiving the buyer’s approval on the design drafts, it moves to the next stage.

3. Production and manufacturing: The production time will depend on the order quantity and customization complexity.

4. Quality control and inspection: A quality check is conducted to ensure the loupes meet the specified requirements.

5. Packaging and shipping: Once the loupes are ready, they are packaged securely for shipment.

6. Progress updates: Clients will be informed about the progress at each stage via regular communication, including estimated timelines and any potential delays.

Yes, we will provide buyers with shipment information, including tracking details, so they can monitor the status of their order during transit.

No, our loupes can not be adjusted for different working distances.

Yes, we can We customize the glasses according to the vision of the customer.

Our frames are constructed using a titanium alloy that incorporates anti-wear layers, ensuring enhanced durability.  Additionally, our lenses are meticulously crafted in collaboration with Zeiss, guaranteeing exceptional quality.

Yes, the maintenance or cleaning instructions will be detailed in our product manuals.

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